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September 9, 2016
by Administrator

Interested in more coaching from Isaiah’s Run?

We are now offering a new service: Video Coaching

Learn more and sign up here

Now you don’t have to travel all the way out to Owensville to get feedback on your skiing or riding.

Video coaching is part of our new membership offering. You receive a coaching sessions each month for just $19.99

Another benefit is that any unused coaching sessions carry over for up to six months (for current members only).

There are several other benefits to joining the membership program:

You will receive weekly emails with:

  • Video Lessons from Isaiah’s Run. Use the off season to take your skills to the next level. Each month, you will receive two new video lessons from Isaiah’s Run.
  • Weekly articles covering different areas of the water sports life from coaching, to fitness and nutrition, to the latest info on the pro events and new gear.
  • An “Ask Anything” page where your questions can be answered. We will choose one each week, explore the topic, and include in the weekly email.
  • Discounts on all of the water sports gear that Isaiah’s Run sells (Here’s a insider’s tip: the list of gear is about to get much, much larger!)
  • Discount coupons. Each month, receive a new $20 coupon for use at Isaiah’s Run. With a $20 coupon each month, the membership literally pays for itself! (some exclusions and limitations do apply)
  • Bonus for the first 100 subscribers: An invitation-only weekend at Isaiah’s Run during the 2017 season. These private events are for current and active members only.

Learn more and sign up here



September 9, 2016
by Administrator

Introducing Our **NEW** Pro Shop!

Exciting News from Isaiah’s Run:

We are now offering a Pro Shop for our valued families.


We currently have agreements set up with the following companies:

D3 Skis

Masterliness, USA (Ropes & Handles)

Eagle Sports (wetsuits, jumpsuits, barefoot suits)

We are working on agreements with other equipment manufacturers in the near future (hopefully Radar and Ronix are coming soon.

We are also currently working on setting up a full online shop with all equipment listed, info and recommendations. We will make an announcement when that goes live.

In the meantime, if you find something you would like on one of those sites, please contact us for our price!

June 15, 2016
by Administrator

June 18-19 All-Ages Clinic and Ski Demo Day

cropped-1BM2432.jpgYou’ve Asked for It – Now it’s time to sign up: Isaiah’s Run for adults!
We will be hosting a weekend clinic for all ages and skill levels on June 18 – 19. Cole Kalkbrenner and Matt Brown will be coaching.
SPACE IS VERY LIMITED – so get your entries in quick!!
Skiing will commence at 9AM and run through till 6PM. Each time slot will consist of a 20 min lesson to do the discipline of your choice. Slalom, trick, jump, wakeboard or just about anything else you would like to do on the water. One set $50, second set $45, third set $40, four or more $35 a piece.
Can you come out and play?
To reserve your spot, email us:
More details: We do have powered sites for RV’s and campers and limited beds in the ski house. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner available for a nominal fee.
Please help us spread the word and make this a ski weekend to remember!
Time to meet the Coaches!
Matt Brown:
– 3 time state Tasmania champion overall, slalom and jump
– Slalom, Jump and Overall NSW state titles champion
– 2nd in U/21 men’s Slalom and Jump at Australian Nationals
– 3rd Overall Australian Nationals
– 2nd at Australian Masters Jump
– Tasmanian State Jump record holder
– Skied in Junior Moomba 2015
– Skied in Senior Moomba 2016
Time to Meet the Coaches!
Cole Kalkbrenner:
10 time state overall champion
8 time regional overall champ
7 time regional jump champion
Midwest regional jump record holder 185 feet
3 time regional trick champ
Men’s 2 national jump champion
2nd place men’s 2 overall 2015 nationals.
Thursday night jump champ at Mombasa masters
Us open qualifier

November 27, 2015
by Administrator

Tenth Season Celebration!

Yes, you read that correctly – this will be our tenth season. We can’t believe it either. Where does the time go?

We are planning some special events for the upcoming season and we hope you will join us!

2016 Schedule
June 6 – 10  (Lake St. Louis Group)
June 13 – 17 
(reserved for the Wells Family)
June 20 – 24 (age 11-13)
June 27 – July 1 (age 14-16)
July 11 – 15 
(age 8-10)
July 18 – 22 
(age 11-13)
July 25 – 29 
(age 14-16)

Please note: The age groups listed are recommendations, not requirements.

Click here to link to our registration.

November 26, 2015
by Administrator

What our students say!

Thank you Callen Morley for writing this! We love hearing from our students 🙂

My friend asked me and my older brother to go to Isaiah’s Run with him last summer.  I am so glad that I did!  I didn’t know how to wake board but wanted to learn.  I first learned how to get up on a wake board (and also how to get up on skis) which was a challenge but the instructors were great!  By the middle of the week, I couldn’t believe it but I could actually do some tricks on the wakeboard.  These tricks include Wake 180s, Surface 180s, and Ollies.  Even though I enjoyed wakeboarding more than skiing, I still learned how to ski on two skis.  After a while, I was finally able to move across the wake on skis swiftly without falling.  This summer I practiced my skills on the wake board and I hope next summer I am able to accomplish more.   Maybe I can even learn how to slalom ski.  I can’t wait to go back to Isaiah’s Run!

-Callen Morley, 13

November 26, 2015
by Administrator

Hear from our students

Thank you Aidan for writing this about your time with us! We love hearing from our students!

Last year at Isaiah’s Run was my first time going and it was such an amazing time. Before I went to camp I had only skid twice and had never wake boarded. My experiences skiing were not good and I hardly got up and when I did I would stay stationary inside the wake for the entire time, too scared to go outside of it. At Isaiah’s run I learned so much more. I learned how to get up on the wakeboard, Ollie, wake-180, and even almost landed a wake-to-wake. Although I loved wakeboarding my parents really wanted me to learn how to slalom ski and I am glad they did because it was one of the best experiences of my life. I went from hardly getting up on two skis and staying in the wake to getting up on one, much skinner ski, and beingable to do the advanced course. Camp was so much fun and a great learning experience. I can’t wait to come back this year!

-Aidan Morley

September 12, 2013
by Administrator
Comments Off on Shout out to IR staff!

Shout out to IR staff!

Congratulations to the Isaiah’s Run staff. After one week of collegiate tournaments, Isaiah’s Run is well represented in the national rankings.

Blaine is 5th in jump.
Austin is 9th in jump.
Kendra is 12th in jump.
Katie is tied for 11th in slalom, and 5th in trick for slalom
Paul is tied for 15 in jump

Congrats and keep up the good work!!